• In January 2020, MAREEX Consulting elaborated on the following subject “How Risk Management implementation constitutes an efficient safeguard against cognitive biases” during the 27th World Forum of Mediation Centres organized by the UIA, International Association of Lawyers, in Milano, Italy
  • In December 2019, MAREEX had led a workshop dedicated to “Change Orders: risk or opportunity for the Parties” at the 4th International  Conference on Alternative Dispute Resolutions organised by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy & Public Administration in Moscow, Russian Federation.
  • In March 2019, MAREEX has made a conference on the following topic: “Facilitation, a key contributor to successful Mediation” at 26th World Forum of Mediation Centres organized by the UIA, International Association of Lawyers, in Zurich, Switzerland




MAREEX Consulting has the great pleasure to announce the recent publication of a 400 pages book dedicated to Operational Contract Management written by its Chief Executive Officer, Bruno P. Gomart.

Titled “Guide to the Operational Contract Management”, stamped “Leverages to succeed on the international scene” such a book was prefaced by Pr Claude Nicollier, Swiss Astronaut and Astrophysicist, Professor at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland. It is the result of more than 40 years of professional experience and in-depth learning from the field through an international career totally dedicated to the Engineering and Industrial Equipment in many sectors (Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals; Nuclear; Metallurgy; Renewables; Environment; Railways; Shipbuilding; Infrastructure & Building; Pulp & Paper; High Security Printing; Food Processing… ).

Bruno, who has actively worked on 45 countries and has been expatriated 15 times, has been highly motivated to share with his readers what kind of keys it’s worth to have in hand, what tips it’s important to keep in mind and what common mistakes are to be identified and be easily avoided.  The book develops in extenso the content of Operation Contract Management training sessions that Bruno has conducted more than 200 times since 2003 in companies and business schools (MBA).

Such a book was first published by PPUR in French on June 2018 and would be translated in English later.

Guide to the Operational Contract Management

To be awarded a contract abroad is always rewarding but sets out the company on an adventure full of uncertainties. Cultural gaps, lack of knowledge of who really are project stakeholders, not clearly identified or poorly assessed challenges, execution environment blurred perception and/or local regulations unawareness are as many pitfalls to stop the company in achieving its objectives.

With more than 250 learnings from the field, this valuable operational guide helps in implementing an efficient contract management especially when working abroad. It makes the sale MARGIN to become a key factor to motivate and reconciliate the company various actors from the project early concept to its full achievement:
• M. as Maximise reliability of Margin by properly enabling it during Tendering.
• A. as Anticipate sources of Margin Degradation.
• R. as Retain Margin through daily protection.
• G. as Gain Margin through Opportunities and Change Orders.
• I. as Improve Recovery of lost Margin by Claim & Dispute Management.
• N. as Next projects Margin by maximising Company value improvement thanks to lessons learnt, returns of experience, Contract Management Plan.

The company is handed over a set of keys which were forged directly on the field and which will definitively help in being successful on the international scene.