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Mareex Consulting

MAREEX is a consulting firm specialized in Contract Management, Forensic Delay Analysis and assistance to Litigation, for industrial and construction project players. Since 1997, we have been supporting project teams, service providers and employers, as well as their legal advisors. Registered in Lausanne, Switzerland, we operate internationally.

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Our expert services

We match our consulting services with your needs, considering the situation of the project, whether it follows a normal evolution or whether a crisis situation is proven or foreseeable. Our experts intervene directly with the project teams, including on technical subjects with high level of complexity. We work with in-house or external lawyers and legal counsels or alongside the law firms that commission us to the benefit of their client.

Our mission as consulting firm

We are equally experts in anticipation and resilience, regardless of the complexity of the projects for which we are mandated. Our goal is to correct any negative trajectory for our customers, considering the ambition of their projects.

When a project is launched, we take a technical, managerial and legal look on its entire life cycle. We perceive the risks and opportunities inherent in its existence, thanks to our experience of multiple sectors of activity on completed projects.

When a project is in crisis, we establish the facts. Let us distinguish between technical and human problems to enable informed decision-making. Thus, we have often been able to be the last resort of our customers to preserve the future of their organization.

Our platform OppiData®

Our Document Management Solution OppiData® is available to our experts and consultants to explore the Documentation of the Project we work on. We have developed our own platform to speed-up, secure and enrich our searches. OppiData® allows us to collaborate smoothly with lawyers, legal advisors, contract managers or any authorized stakeholder.


Our fields of expertise

Thanks to their background and seniority, our experts are fully aware of the challenges faced for a wide range of sectors. Their operational technical knowledge allows them to build relevant analogies between projects of different fields of activities. We make a point to actually share this knowledge, also with our clients, during the course of the missions as well as through specific training sessions.