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MAREEX has developed its own proprietary web based documentation management solution OppiData® to handle the big data generated during international projects in the industry, construction and infrastructure.  Our experts make use of OppiData® on a daily basis, for their delay analysis, claim management and litigation support activities. Our secured solution speeds up forensic investigations and any ediscovery process.

E-Discovery challenges

When a dispute arises on a major international project, the stakeholders and their legal advisors face numerous challenges to prepare their defence. However, they only have a limited period of time to act. The urgency sits in the legal frame of documentation discovery and ediscovery processes.

Necessary Data Preservation in ediscovery

The discovery process is a legal obligation under civil and commercial law of the United States. The parties are required to keep and make available their documentation ahead of any legal action.

E-Discovery or Electronic Discovery is the name of this process when dealing with documentation of a numerical nature (files, scanned documents, communications using instant messaging, etc.). On major international projects, E-Discovery requires to explore tens of thousands of files.

Although this procedure falls under American law, the international dimension of many projects also obliges European companies to prepare for them in the event of a dispute. EDiscovery is a growing issue for international companies as for independent lawyers. It contributes to the acceleration of their digital transformation.

An exponentially growing documentary volume

In the field of e-Discovery, the quality of the project documentation as well as its preservation are key to identify material of probative value. Unfortunately, the gigantic documentation of complex projects is very often scattered, heterogeneous, filled with innumerable duplicates.

The ability to quickly search and structure documentation is essential. However, in the absence of powerful search tools or advanced data processing know-how, reviewing the documentation can become a calvary. In addition, both time and budgets may be too tight to make up for these shortcomings.

OppiData®’s answers in ediscovery

We designed OppiData® to overcome all these challenges. We have first been driven by the challenges faced by our analysts, mainly in the frame of our contract Management and Delay analysis missions. Since 2019, our platform has reached a level of maturity that is sufficient to allow us to make it available to our clients, lawyers, and project service providers. Facing all the current EDiscovery solutions, why choose OppiData®?


Preserving safely and compliantly in ediscovery

OppiData® is a secured cloud platform which ensures data preservation for the purpose of forensic and legal actions, in full confidentiality. Once uploaded, documents cannot be altered. No original document can be deleted or degraded. It can only be enriched with metadata created by users.

The data is stored on OppiData® in full compliance with the evolution of regulatory frameworks, including the GDPR. Unlike many eDiscovery solutions, our servers host data on European soil. Most often, the downloading, selection and structuring of data are carried out by our analysts alone. They adapt to any documentation structure entrusted to them. Alternatively, MAREEX can also provide advice for the internal management of your documentation.

Exploring without obstacles

Although OppiData® offers the best systems currently available to secure data, our platform is easily accessible through the web. We can thus quickly grant remote access to any stakeholder you want to authorize. We can also define different levels of access rights in associating each user to a specific profile.

Lawyers, contract managers, experts, consultants, arbitrators, judges… Any professional having an interest in consulting documentation or enriching it with metadata has access to a modern interface adapted to their needs. Clarity, manoeuvrability,  intuitive process, reading comfort, previews… UX and UI are at the heart of our concerns in the development of OppiData®.

Surpassing yourself thanks to AI

The technological core of OppiData® is the product of one of the key players in artificial intelligence research and development in Europe. As analysts, we could only choose a technological solution with proven reliability and already enabled.

Thus, the search for documents is as easy as a search on the web, but without comparison in its exploration power, at a forensic level of detail. Thanks to many configurable filters and to Boolean queries, you can find any available item without possible error. OppiData® helps you bring clarity to a file, by using a full set of data, even completely unstructured.

Fluidifying your thought processes

OppiData® allows each authorized user to enrich the metadata of any document. Each user can add custom tags and dates to the document without modifying it, to easily spot evidence and reconstruct the stories for each case.

OppiData® allows export of these elements in addition to enhancing their visibility in a collaborative working environment. Sharing of information is thus simplified between customers and lawyers, experts and legal advisors, party, authority…

Moving forward well accompanied

IT support for OppiData® is managed internally by MAREEX’s experts. As we speak your language and know about your expectations, you cannot suffer misunderstandings.

The inner workings of eDiscovery are well known to us. We do not only offer a translation of content in an interface, but rather a differentiated approach between English-speaking and French-speaking European users. We are involved in the disruptions at work in the legaltech ecosystem.


The advantage of OppiData®: optimize your budget

How much does the use of a Ediscovery platform cost? There is no immediate answer to this question as the evaluation of the fee always depends on the needs of the most regular users of a platform.

Our current pricing, available on demand, is best suited for independent lawyers and law firms. We take into account time and know-how required from our analysts for the uploading of the documentation on the platform. Thus, the amount and type of the provided documentation is a key factor.

To buy a licence for a product that does not match your needs or exceed them offers no interest. OppiData® offers you the power and the reliability required for an optimized e-Discovery.

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