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Project teams

Project Managers, Owners, Engineers Representatives, Discipline leaders, Entrepreneurs… We provide assistance to all your teams for the execution of your projects in the areas of industry, construction and infrastructures. Our experts make a point to provide support over the entire contractual cycle, always seeking to anticipate risks and opportunities and also showing resilience in front of any crisis encountered.

Support the success of your project

We have developed Contract Management Services to support the smooth running of Projects. Either preventively, in anticipation or during the project, we provide training and coaching services for all the project teams. Thanks to a preliminary audit, trainings can be specifically fitted to a given project. As follow-up actions, we offer your teams Contract Management operational assistance services in order to strengthen their autonomy in the day-to-day management of contractual obligations.

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Protect your commercial margin

We have considered a transversal approach to our services, aimed at preserving the commercial margin of the entrepreneurs in charge of carrying out a project. Our margin recovery methodology applies from the tender phase to the conclusion of the project. The commercial margin guides many choices upstream of the project, such as during its realization to seize opportunities, manage risks and claims.

commercial-margin-enablement-in industry-construction-for-project-teams

Margin enablement

  • Identification and allocation of risks
  • Product Specification and Basic Design
  • Matrix of Responsibility and SWOT
commercial-margin-protection-in industry-construction-for-project-teams

Margin protection

  • Anticipation and Management of Risks
  • Data collection and events recording
  • Assistance
commercial-margin-improvement-in industry-construction-for-project-teams

Margin improvement

  • Management of Opportunities
  • Request for changes
  • Value Engineering – Alternate solutions
commercial-margin-recovery-in industry-construction-for-project-teams

Margin recovery

  • Claims Management
  • Extensions of Time
  • Delay Analysis
  • Dispute File Preparation

Ease internal communication

Quite frequently, operation in silo of disciplines and services lead to difficulties to communicate and to misunderstanding within a single entity which produce disruptions. It may also weaken the company, especially in a context of crisis.

Our training courses dedicated to Major Projects Professionals aim at facilitating dialogue among the project team members. Similar to our risk management services, we involve all the employees to allow each of them to appropriate his field of activity or intervention.

Find your allies in a crisis situation

We provide you support for the management of claims and during the possible evolutions of any damageable situation, aside your legal advisers. As most of our experts are former project managers in the industry or the construction areas, they are aware of the structural conditions and disruptions that can lead to a crisis.

We offer technical expertise, engineering considerations, emotional distance and analytical perspective necessary to fully advocate for your business. In four steps, our Margin Recovery Methodology ensures that you put all the chances on your side. It enables determining the causes of past difficulties on an equitable basis and helping to correct any trajectory that is harmful to your business.

Phase 1: feasibility study and situation audit

During this first stage, our experts work with the project teams to perform preliminary diagnosis. Through the interviews we conduct in the early stages of the mission, we aim at building a win-win situation with the Project Team. Our role is to assist the company and each employee to get out of the ongoing crisis. We proceed with:

  • the elaboration of a SWOT matrix
  • an identification of the potentially conflicting issues and their organisation in the form of a Claim Matrix
  • the building of a Claim Team, ideally combining some Mareex Consultants and some Project Team key members.

Phase 2: mobilisation of the Claim Team

Once the feasibility study has been validated, the Claim Team works in coordination with legal advisors and quantum experts you might have selected. We can also suggest some partners names for those specialties. In a joint effort, we perform:

  • the elaboration of claim files on matters that should be favourable to you, through the collection of supporting documents and justifications
  • elaboration of defence files through the demining of potentially weak points through the collection of supporting documents and justifications
  • the apportionment of responsibilities for each disrupting event
  • a Forensic Delay Analysis for the disputes related to programme and delays
  • an additional Project Management expertise
  • a Quantum analysis on a selection of disputed topics.

Phase 3: organizing negotiations

We can assist during the negotiations process as participants, observers or in back-office. In collaborating with your legal counsels and possibly your Project Manager, we can contribute to the preparation and the development of the negotiations. We offer:

  • a strategical selection of the project’s strong topics and weak topics
  • preparations to negotiations
  • feedbacks on the negotiations at each stage
  • an assistance to the fine tuning of the strategy.

Phase 4: legal actions

If negotiations happen to fail, we can assist your legal counsels, in house or external, in the defence of your case, in front of an arbitration tribunal or the courts. We deliver:

  • support to legal counsels
  • a review of the statements of the counterpart
  • the development of counterarguments (dealing with technics, engineering and contract management)
  • assistance as witness experts or witnesses of facts.

Our full set of services for Project Teams

Training and audit in Contract Management, Assistance for the elaboration of claims and in Contract Management, Risk analysis, Delay Analysis, Assistance in the resolution of disputes… Contact-us to receive our offer: