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Contract Management training

Through our Contract Management trainings, Project Teams can take full ownership of their Contracts. Anticipation is key to the success of a project: it requires involvement, awareness and cooperation between the Project team members. Our trainings aim at strengthening their acquired skills and autonomy.

MAREEX’s reference:

Le Contract Management Opérationnel, by Bruno Gomart

“Obtaining a contract in a foreign country can be rewarding, but it takes the company on an adventure full of unknowns. Cultural differences, lack of knowledge of stakeholders, poorly understood issues, poor understanding of the project implementation environment or even the lack of consideration of local regulations and practices are all obstacles to achieving this objectives. . Through more than 250 examples in 45 countries, Bruno GOMART delivers here a precious guide to the Operational Management of Contracts in an international environment. “

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The Margin Recovery methodology

Our training courses are aimed at project teams and their partners: executives, project directors and managers, project engineers, sales executives, in-house legal advisers … We federate professions and disciplines around the same themes, which creates a common base of knowledge and good practices within the company.

MAREEX training courses in Risk Management and Contract Management are based on our Margin Protection, Improvement and Recovery methodology. This approach allows us to appreciate the success of a project at any stage of its execution through the prism of the status of the commercial margin (or of the budget in the case of the owner). Indeed, a well-managed project should allow entrepreneurs in charge of their execution to:

  • upstream, preserve the commercial margin
  • in progress, preserve the commercial margin and improve it if opportunities arise
  • downstream, have safeguarded the commercial margin if disruptions and disputed threatened it and to have restored it as far as possible if it had deteriorated 

We have considered this approach in our transverse services dedicated to major projects professionals. Our training courses are specialized: as a priority, we address professionals who are already familiarized with contract management issues. Nevertheless, we offer a wide variety of formats: awareness, workshops, practical courses, intra-company programs, professional lectures, masterclasses…

Feedbacks from a team in the railway industry

“This training session and the support that followed gave us self-confidence and enabled us to manage our contractors and engineers with serenity and firmness.” – Project Manager

“The infrastructure Project Manager ordered a Contract Management Training from MAREEX. This training brought together all the employees who manage the project: civil engineering structures, railway systems, architecture and electromechanical equipment. Employees feedbacks have shown that the proposed approach, based on concrete examples has brought a relevant and profitable lighting to the Project Managers   who, ever since, manage their contracts with increased vigilance” – Project Director

Audit – Training – Coach in Contract Management

We have developed an integrated “Audit – Training – Coach” offer which enables each member of the team to take responsibility during the implementation of the project. We distinguish the stages of intervention which can be considered as stages of rise in power of the professionals whom we accompany.

Audit : acuity

As a first step, in accordance with our client’s expectations, we propose to carry out a contractual review. It may concern any industrial or construction project managed by its team. This audit makes it possible to define the training needs of the team, taking into account the company’s activity and the specificities of the project. 

This custom-made activity is available in the frame of our operational contract management support services. We recommend it for each training as it offers the possibility to use cases corresponding to the challenges of the project, especially on technical subjects.

Training : anticipation

The proposed program offers practical courses that sanction skills already acquired in contract management. The concepts and examples provided aim to increase the vigilance of the project team. It thus improves the daily protection of the commercial margin.

Ideally face-to-face and remotely on request, the trainings offered by MAREEX leave room to discussions with participants. The goal is to stimulate the collective intelligence of the team and the sharing of individual experiences.

Coach : empowerment

Our trainings aim to support the increased autonomy and the empowerment of project teams in their day-to-day missions. We offer risk analysis and contractual analysis workshops that improve the vigilance of each professional involved in the Project.

Notification of disruptions, drafting of letters and claim briefs, creation and updating of the risk register, implementation of a matrix of responsibilities… We give you the keys to fully take ownership of the operational contractual management of your projects. We can also carry out your projects in the form if assistance during their execution.

Lectures and Masterclasses in Contract Management

Our offer for lectures and masterclasses are supported by a strong operational background in risk management and contract management. We propose a variety of themes which are of equal interest for major projects owners, service providers and contractors. They concern every stage of the project’s and contracts’ life cycle. As an example, we deal with:

  • 3 key questions before signing a contract
  • Maturity of a client
  • Selecting the lowest bidder
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Cultural management in international projects
  • The shared motivation of commercial margin
  • Risks and Opportunities brought by changes
  • Training of Operations Teams
  • Pursuing Negotiations during the Project implementation
  • The role of mediation in the resolution of disputes
  • Amicable settlement opportunities before going to Court
  • The Responsibilities of the supervisor in the event of failure
  • The Keys to the safeguarding of a company further to a damageable project…

Internationally, we work in engineering, administration and business schools, as well as in law, economics and management faculties. We also offer conferences within the framework of professional associations in law and in project management.

Our training and courses in Risk Management and Contract Management

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