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Contract management

MAREEX experts support the project teams, either through an on-demand operational assistance or through training sessions, mainly during the project’s launching phase. Our services allow to avoid, anticipate and manage claims as well as their possible evolution towards litigation.

Recurring challenges of Claim Management

In Contract Management, we have observed that project team members don’t always make the best use of the contracts. Indeed, the vast majority of major projects are managed by engineers and technical experts while the contracts are managed by legals. However, this can lead to the missing or incomplete implementation of clauses which could better protect the company.

Manage disruptions and opportunities

The lack of knowledge of the contract by the project team can lead to an onerous or poorly efficient management of disruptions in the course of the project execution. Most of the time, required actions are implemented lately and not in compliance with the contract obligations.

Equally, this lack of knowledge leads to the missing of opportunities. Thus, through the underestimation or ignorance of issues at stake with additional works and changes requested during the execution, project teams miss opportunities to get a fair compensation.

Benefiting from the Project memory

The memory of the history of the Project execution frequently suffers from gaps on behalf of the team in charge at the time the difficulties arise. These gaps make it difficult to rebuild the chain of events. This is a recurring difficulty when it becomes necessary to strengthen the company’s defence. 

Quite commonly, learnings from past projects are not capitalized too their true value, thus exposing the company with the risk of repeating the same wrong appreciations and damaging errors.

Our contract management solutions

In Operational Contract Management, our experts provide both training and coaching for the project teams. Operational support allows to make use of the best practices in Contract Management within the teams, in ensuring the empowerment of each individual. Trainings, that can be based on the audit of an ongoing project, are part of our operational support offer or accessible independently. They strengthen anticipation, awareness and communication of the Project teams.

Operational support in Contract Management

We offer operational assistance in Contract Management dedicated to Project Teams, to help them manage the relationship with clients, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers. We bring technical and contractual clarifications, from advice to assistance. Our approach aims at empowering the Project Team members in their day to day mission as well as in the long run in the field of project management.

Such support can be provided over a limited period of time during key phases of the Project. It can also be provided on the basis of a periodical intervention, monthly for example. To overcome recurring challenges in Contract Management we offer:

  • a SWOT analysis on any industrial or construction project, on updated and foreseeable aspects
  • contract summaries for project team members, highlighting key contractual clauses that affect them, as well as operational suggestions
  • on demand support in Contract Management (drafting of letters, notices, assistance to claim preparation…)
  • taylor-made trainings in Contract Management that can be based on the specifics of an ongoing or future project
  • practical training throughout the duration of the project
  • recommendations to build effective return of experience and thus help create additional value for the company.

Contract Management training

Our training courses are aimed at project teams and their partners: executives, project directors and managers, project engineers, sales executives, in-house legal advisers…

MAREEX offers several types of training for professionals working on major projects. These trainings can be activated when the project is launched or during its implementation. They are integrated into our Contract Management operational support offer or can be carried out separately.

MAREEX +++ training at the hearth of our approach

Risk Management and Contract Management Trainings, company programmes, advanced courses involving audited project specificities, lectures in  professional associations, masterclasses at university…

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