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Our references

MAREEX’s experts are willing to make their skills and their experience available to their clients, whatever the size of the company or project.

Our international missions

Food processing

  • Chile: cornflakes processing facility
  • New Caledonia: food processing facility
  • Algeria: couscous production line
  • Belgium: couscous production line

Railway industry

  • Switzerland: signaling
  • United-States: tilting trains
  • Italy: high speed tilting trains
  • United-Kingdom: rolling stock operating at night
  • Switzerland: high speed tilting trains
  • Italy: EMU-DMU regional trains
  • Tunisia: irailway infrastructure upgrading
  • Hungary: Budapest Metro rolling stock
  • Brasil: São Paulo metro signaling
  • Turkey: Istanbul commuter train system upgrading and expanding
  • Egypt: railway infrastructure upgrading
  • India: Chennai metro rolling stock
  • Saoudi Arabia: Riyadh metro system
  • Switzerland: underground metro infrastructure
  • France-Switzerland: crossborder commuter train


  • France: overcosts on military shop
  • France: late delivery of a transoceanic research vessel
  • France: defective containment systems of newly built LPG carriers
  • France: overcosts on a new cruise vessel
  • France: cancellation of a new cruise vessel
  • France: overcosts on a new cruise vessel
  • South Korea: late delivery of an off-shore platform


  • France: nuclear energy
  • China: nuclear energy
  • Finland: nuclear energy
  • Mauritania: hybrid power plant
  • Saoudi Arabia: electrical power plant
  • Ethiopia: wind power farm
  • Nigeria: wind power farm
  • France: nuclear research reactor
  • Switzerland: hydroelectrical power plant
  • Pacific ocean: wind power farm
  • United-States: wind turbines


  • United-States: waste management plant
  • Hong-Kong: waste management plant
  • France: pollution control services
  • France: water treatment plant
  • France: waste treatment plant

Civil works and infrastructures

  • Haiti: new public hospital
  • Myanmar: P3 laboratory
  • Tunisia, Turkey, Switzerland, India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia: railway infrastructures

Paper industry

  • Bengladesh: security paper printing facility
  • India: security paper printing plant
  • Uzbekistan: security paper plant

Oil and Gas

  • France: GPL storage tanks
  • France: compression station
  • France: underground gas storage
  • United-Kingdom: underground gas storage
  • Jordan:  burning gas treatment
  • Norway: offshore platform infrastructure
  • Australia: offshore platform
  • United-States: petrochemical plant