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Our experts

MAREEX brings together experts with a high level of seniority since 1997. We collaborate with well recognized professionals and selected partners in France and in Switzerland, which contributes to our European influence. We carry with us our values of acuity, flexibility, commitment, and empowerment with our clients as in our collaboration with our partners.

Our story

MAREEX was established 1997 by French and Canadian engineers, former project managers in the areas of industry and civil construction. They wanted to share their technical and operational expertise to support project teams.

MAREEX moved from Montreal to Lausanne in 2005, switching from a french speaking ecosystem to another one: our experts work at the interface of the Anglo-Saxon, Swiss and French worlds. They ensure a dialogue between different technical, managerial, and legal cultures.

MAREEX is the acronym of “Margin Recovery Experts”: originally, the heart of our missions consisted in providing support to contractors in charge of major projects to preserve or restore their commercial margin. We have gradually expended our field of services in consideration of the needs identified with our clients and the skills of the consultants who have joined us. 

Our key experts

Seeking assistance to MAREEX ensures you have access to multilingual professionals, with solid experience in project management, contract management and technical assistance. For each assignment entrusted, our senior experts benefit from a large network of independent experts, in occasional or regular collaboration.

Claude Dorval >>>

Senior Advisor

Claim management and delay analysis

Bruno Gomart >>>

Senior Advisor

Audit, Contract management training and coach

Inham Oujadou >>>

Senior Consultant

Claim Management

Yvon Poras >>>

Special Advisor

Construction law and dispute resolution

François GOURD

François Gourd >>>

Special Counsel

Corporate Restructuring

Our values


We advocate excellence, both in the relevance of our analysis and in their technical precision. Our expertise is based on the experience of our senior consultants, sanctioned by the success of our assignments. We perspicaciously anticipate risks and opportunities upstream or in the initial phase of project execution, such as for their defence in pre-litigation and litigation. Our acuity ensures you a rapid analysis and execution protecting your interests.


We see ourselves as an interface between sectors, disciplines, generations, cultures. Our adaptability is tangible through the modularity of our service offering, as well as by the tailor-made definition that we operate for each of our missions. We evolve with agility, immersed in your projects and their challenges, thanks to the dynamism, creativity and daring of our consultants.


The involvement of our experts goes beyond their contractual obligations. Tenacious and devoted to the cause of our clients, we adopt a posture of transparency in the achievement of our missions. We will deliver our recommendations to you with frankness, honesty and sincerity. We are guided by our empathy in the face of crises that your organization or your clients may be going through: we offer a caring and empathetic approach to your difficulties.


Our goal is to support the rise of professionals using our services, by promoting their development throughout the course of the project. We also enrich our knowledge of our businesses with your contact. We place collective intelligence at the heart of our methodology, by promoting collaborative work.