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Legal counsels

MAREEX experts are the allies of lawyers and legal counsels whose clients are involved in the realization of major projects. We work with independent lawyers as well as with large international law firms. Our experts can also assist internal legal departments.

Support your strategy

MAREEX experts offer a complementary approach to legal advisers, thanks to their knowledge of both engineering and forensic analysis. We know how to reveal, make clear and simple, challenges which can be technical and complex. Our experts build technical arguments and provide forensic delay analysis that supports your cases. We know how to adapt our expertise to the issues legal counsels may have to deal. We are indeed fully aware of the challenges you face for your clients or your business.

Taking applicable law into consideration

It is not unusual that consultants and expert witnesses do not properly consider the law applicable to a case, specifically in the frame of international projects. This is very unfortunate as forensic technical and forensic conclusions can therefore be disregarded in pre-litigation and litigation proceedings.

By contrast, MAREEX experts always take into account contractual clauses and applicable law to offer you easily exploitable conclusions. In our delay analysis, our assistance in the preparation of claims or in any kind of dispute, we communicate with you with fluidity on legal matters.

Our complete reports allow you to fully immerse yourself in a case, to facilitate the definition of a defense strategy. Our goal is to actively contribute to the drafting of both offensive and defensive files, so that they can be used in legal proceedings.

As witness experts or witnesses of facts, our experts are able to defend the relevance of their conclusions before an arbitral tribunal or a tribunal. We can support you at each stage of the development of a defence strategy, in litigation as well as in the pre-litigation phase.


MAREEX’s reference: “The role of forensic experts in international arbitration

Yvon Poras, Special Advisor in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, has written a paper at London’s King’s College in 2017. He has studied the role of forensic experts in issues related to quantification of damages on construction contracts in international arbitration. His research was based on a comparison of Swiss, French, and common law rights.

Download the thesis >

Making the most of delay analysis

Forensic time analysis has become the cornerstone of defense strategy in many litigation. However, one analysis is frequently produced in opposition to another. Being able to clearly state and support the methodology is the key to explaining any difference in the conclusions.

Thanks to our global approach, considering critical and sub-critical paths and all the programme indicators we offer you the possibility to widen your strategic options. This depth of analysis also makes it possible to anticipate the arguments of the opposing party.

Delay Analysis are always prepared in a limited period of time, with significant challenges. Our rapidity of analysis as well as our technical acuity allow us to gradually transmit to you, from the feasibility study, elements of strategic and probative value.

These elements not only contribute to the success of your cases, but also allow you to appropriate any future delay study. On request, we offer delay analysis training for legal professionals.

Our approach takes into account all possible outcomes, from conflict resolution in the negotiation phase to presentation to a court. We thus take into account the applicable law, explain the links between causes and effects, participate in the assessment of the quantum. We develop reports that can be used as clear and convincing evidences in any forum.

MAREEX +++ convincing visual representations for legal counsels

Writing narratives is essential when building a defense. For this purpose, we have developed a visualization service, in particular for use in delay analysis. At a glance, our animated representations evidence the connection between programmes and involved technical systems. Designed by MAREEX’s Engineers and Forensic Experts, these animations are used to improve communication with our clients, to define strategic options. They also allow you to convince any stakeholder, from negotiation table to court.

Speed-up your documentary research

The review of project documentation supports the strategical orientation of any defence construction, for claims as well as for disputes. As analysts, we know this documentation review can often be incomplete, time consuming, difficult, depending on the platform used.

We have developed our secure OppiData® platform to improve the efficiency of our missions. When chosen by the customer, the solution allows all the entities concerned to access all of the available documentation in a completely secure and confidential manner. The solution can be made available to our clients or to selected law firms if they wish to be able to work independently.

Sharpen cross-examinations

We can assist you during cross-examinations, by attending the hearing or by back-office support. If the counterparty makes allegations of facts, we can immediately verify the existence and the availability of the reported evidence and its possible falsification.

Furthermore, from the start of our missions, we organize interviews with the project team of your company or your client. These interviews can be given a high probative value because they are first-hand. We are your partners in the search for the truth.

All our services for law firms and legal counsels

Delay analysis, technical expertise in building claims files, asssitance in litigation (ADR, arbitration, litigation), risk analysis for projects portfolio during merger and acquisition, identification and collection of exhibits… Contact us to receive our offer of services: